Inland Empire’s Best Facials Chino

Here at Bella Sol Med Spa in Chino, we customize all of our facials to the person lying in our (super comfy) beds. We have a facial treatment for every concern, and it is not the same method every single time our patients come in. This is what makes us special! Most salons or spas have a protocol to follow. A step by step break down on what to do in each facial. That is not how our team works. Skin is constantly changing and there just isn’t any protocol for that! One week you may need an acne treatment and the next week you may need a hydrating treatment. Either way, we are always prepared for your concerns and always ready to treat them!

European Facial

A European Facial is specifically customized to your skin. The main focus is to create more youthful looking, healthier skin.* This is a very safe and common procedure.* The following are just some of the benefits of a European Facial:

  • Revitalizes your skin*
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells*
  • Stimulates growth for new skin cells*
  • Helps clear up blemishes/acne*
  • Helps reduce the signs of aging*

The main focus of a microdermabrasion is to repair skin that has been damaged from the sun, aging, acne and acne scarring.* Microdermabrasion delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime.* We offer the latest technology in microdermabrasion as an adjunct procedure for IPL, other skin procedures and as a stand-alone treatment for skin irregularities.*

*Results and patient experience may vary.